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We develop and maintain qualified life sciences facilities in the Greater Triangle area of North Carolina that support up to BSL-2 requirements. We support both large single tenant clients who work with us to design, build, qualify, and maintain purpose-built facilities to a GXP life sciences standard. We also develop multi-tenant facilities to support clients who need smaller amounts of qualified life science workspace.

We have a unique blend of experience gained through the successful development of multiple GXP restricted access BSL-2 facilities and building the world’s largest life science archive and biorepository. This development and operational experience, gained in North America and Europe, strengthened our development process and facility and equipment maintenance Standard Operating Procedures.

Due to the large number of Life Sciences clients that we served, our facilities, equipment, employees, systems, quality assurance program, and records were under some type of GXP client and/or regulatory audit over forty (40) times per year. We are proud of the fact that we developed a reputation for being the “gold” standard in developing and maintaining GXP compliant facilities and equipment.

Our Approach






We continuously search for the best development sites in the Greater Triangle area of North Carolina and then complete due diligence and preliminary site planning.


We work with clients to secure development rights to one or more building pads in our development sites that support their strategic and operational business objectives.


We provide site plan, grading, and building permit submittal services and work closely with clients to design, build, and qualify their new BSL-1 or BSL-2 facility to a GXP standard.


We provide ongoing facility and equipment maintenance services to support the mission-critical operations of our clients to a GXP standard.


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