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Our GXP-Storage team has years of experience planning, scheduling biostorage technicians and successfully documenting programs, emergency use, investigation use and other special projects, programs and on-site work to assist our clients in managing their regulated assets. Learn more about how our on-demand professional services and solutions can support you and your needs.
GXP-Storage planning

Modern, Compliant Biostorage Solutions

Our modern biorepository provides centralized, long-term storage for your regulated material.

Modern biorepository

Our facility allows you to reduce costs, increase visibility, and ensure secure preservation in our GxP–and OECD– compliant facilities. Among other features, we offer restricted access capacity and a variety of controlled temperature environments.

Start Planning With Our Team of Experts

Our team of trained professionals can help you manage the full lifecycle of your regulated assets.

Our team of trained professionals
Our GXP-Storage staff is specialized in regulated material management, including logistics, consolidation, processing, storage, distribution, and secure disposal.
Whether off-site at our restricted access facilities or on-site at your location, we can assist you in managing the lifecycle of various assets such as:
  • GLP test articles
  • wet tissue
  • paraffin blocks
  • microscope slides
  • study samples
  • temperature-critical animal reproductive samples
  • paper data (e.g., study or patient records, IND submittals, retired study system records created for archive retention, and quality assurance data)

Secure Disposal

Our experts can also assist with secure disposal. We’ll help you consolidate assets at our facilities, verify inventory designated for disposal, and prepare the documentation necessary to transfer and incinerate regulated material.


Our logistics specialists are trained in regulatory-compliant packing and the international distribution of hazardous, radioactive, secure cold-chain and/or controlled substances with applicable permits, customs clearance experience, and chain of custody documentation.

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Logistics Planning From A to Z

Our experts are trained to manage storage solutions for research, manufacturing, and operational excellence program requirements including disaster recovery and pandemic stockpile.

Do you provide large biological collection logistical services?
Yes, our teams specialize in the collection, processing, transport, and storage of various large biological assets. Contact us to learn more.
Do your logistics transport services include lab chemical packing and transport?

Yes, we offer chemical packing, waste removal, and transport services for hospitals, research labs, and biopharma industries. Request a quote to learn more.

Do you transport infectious and non-infectious material?

Yes, following the highest quality assurance standards and best practices, we transport both infectious and non-infectious material. Let’s start your plan today.


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