GXP Compliant Storage Solutions

We offer a complete range of controlled storage, rapid retrieval, and transfer worldwide. 

Regulated Material Management Solutions

Our hosted regulated material management technology and professional services ensure your success.

Quality Assurance is Our Top Priority

Compliant SOPs, validated systems, training, and independent QA oversight.

Contact Us For Responsive Service

We offer flexible support services to deliver custom programs and staffing for special projects.

Trusted Biorepository Solutions



agriculture specimen storage


We Offer Proven Performance

Our Leadership Team Has Over 65 years of commercial biorepository experience.

  • Facility & Equipment Qualification
  • Routine & Non-Routine Maintenance
  • Developing Biorepository & Logistics Specialists
  • Regulatory & Client Audit Support
Proven solutions
GXP Bio offers technicians trained and licensed.

Responsive Biorepository Services

Our biorepository and logistics specialists are highly trained to deliver complete solutions.

  • Capture Client Requirements
  • Define Biorepository Solutions
  • Lifecyle Material Management
  • Coordinate Logistics & Projects
Technology solutions

Trusted Technology Solutions

Our technology offers validated environmental monitoring, hosted regulated material management systems and professional services to ensure your success.

  • Hosted 21 CFR Part 11 compliant regulated material management
  • Receive, index, search, manage, retrieve, and transfer
  • We help plan, migrate, validate, maintain, and train
  • Portal, secure access, audit, and disaster recovery

We Prioritize Quality

Our quality assurance program ensures compliance and supports third-party audits.

  • Facility & Equipment Qualification
  • SOP & Training Compliance
  • System Validation & Process Audits
  • Approved Vendor Qualification
quality assurance program


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