Over 65 Years of GXP
Biorepository Experience

Our leadership team has over 65 years of combined experience building the first commercial GLP archive into a global GXP compliant biorepository. We deliver responsive service to clients who demand operational excellence.

GXP-Storage builds and qualifies biorepository facilities that support a full-range of environmentally controlled storage environments. These restricted access facilities are monitored by validated systems and supported by a growing team of trained biorepository and logistics specialists.

Our compliant SOPs and quality assurance program support delivery of our biorepository services, custom programs, and special projects. We manage the lifecycle of your regulated material and provide relaible service to collect, index, store, retrieve, distribute, and/or dispose through incineration.

biorepository services


We offer purpose-built
regulated material
management technology

Using a hosted regulated material management system increases compliance while reducing time, risk, and expense when compared to alternatives.

GXP-Storage engineered, built, and maintains a validated regulated material management system that our clients use to control access and manage their inventory in our biorepository facilities 24X7.

Our clients can also license our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to support their regulated material management workflows. Contact us so we talk about your requirements and how we can work together to plan, validate, migrate, maintain, and train your team to ensure success.

Regulated material management

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